Lorries. Or as they’re known in the trade; “Hartley’s”

Lorries. I’m fairly relaxed about them in general. However, I do think something needs to be done. It’s just taken me almost two hours to drive fifty-ish miles. On an A road with barely a car in sight. Why? Because it seems that every lorry driver in Leeds  decided that the two lane dual carriageway heading north was the perfect road to practice overtaking.

ImageIt isn’t.

But I have a plan.

I wasn’t in much of a rush today. Even though I was leaving Wakefield. The sun was shining but not too bright. I had Imagine Dragons and Enter Shikari playing so was rocking along nicely. I had a cup of warm brown from Costa and half a packet of chocolate digestives and all was well in the world.

However. There was a fly in the ointment. Whatever the hell that actually means.

I know you’ve come across this and loathed it the same as every other driver on the road. Lorry drivers actually hate it too believe it or not. At the moment, lorries are restricted to a maximum of 50 or 60mph, depending on the road type. The current limit on single carriageways is 40mph. All fairly sensible, I’m sure. Although probably too slow and it certainly niggles every driver out there when they’re in a six mile tailback doing either 50mph or 49.99999999999999999999999999999999999.

No matter. As I say, I have a plan.

It’s so simple it’s genius and could be implemented immediately. I am genuinely proud of this one.

So here it is: There should be one exception to speed limits for lorries. Overtaking.

It could easily be coded into a tachograph that, when overtaking a slow moving vehicle or another lorry, drivers must increase their speed by 10mph until they’ve passed. Slot back in and slow back down.

This way they wouldn’t make jams any more and therefore get themselves a better nickname.

Why hasn’t anyone made me Minister for Transport yet?

Top Gear Cop

May 2013


10 thoughts on “Lorries. Or as they’re known in the trade; “Hartley’s”

  1. Tom, Will & Co. Let’s be clear here to those who seem to miss the point. No-one will argue that we shouldn’t have lorries (though I’d rather see more train freight) however, there’s a serious point that slow overtaking and the electronic limits are out of step with today’s economy and driving needs. IMHO of course! TGC

  2. one problem, all lorries are electronically limited, meaning it is impossible to drive them faster than 56mph (90km/h) so if one is doing 55 the other can only overtake at 1mph

    • WTF, have you ever bought anything from a shop? do you need to eat?, how do you think things get there. Dumbass

      • I’m just saying that something needs to be done to stop lorries from being a danger on our roads. Not that lorries shouldn’t be on our roads.

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